Japan 2010 Itinerary

20 November – Tokyo, stay at a guesthouse in Ueno

21 November – Tokyo, day trip to Nikko; overnight in Tokyo

22 November – Tokyo, day trip to Mt. Fuji; overnight in Tokyo

23 November – Bullet train to Kyoto in the early morning, tour of Kyoto

24 November – Kyoto; a.m. dress as/learn about geisha, p.m. cooking class with Emi Hirayama

25 November – Kyoto – rest/relaxation!

26 November – Bullet train to Hiroshima, solemn education on history/tour

27 November – Hiroshima, rest and relaxation

28 November – Hiroshima, visit outlying islands

29 November – Bullet train back to Tokyo, on my own for the trip home

30 November – Home and back to work

1 thought on “Japan 2010 Itinerary”

  1. Valerie Meyer said:

    Have fun Jane!! I look forward to following your blog.

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