I’m meeting Susan Atherton in Japan!  My ticket’s bought and our first night’s lodging in Tokyo has been purchased: so it’s official.  Who is Susan Atherton, you ask?  She’s the bundle of energy I met within about 15 minutes of arriving on the Akademik Sergey Vavilov ship in Ushuaia, Argentina in November 2009 as we embarked for our 25-day sail to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.  Since there were only 100 passengers aboard we became quickly acquainted with our shipmates.  With Susan’s outgoing personality, her brilliantly bright smile and self, her quick wit and her fabulous Manchester, England accent, she made friends quickly and I’m happy to say I am one of them.  Susan is traveling around the world (with a spreadsheet of her destinations with the dates she’s visiting – – very organized and tech-y!) and happens to be in Japan around Thanksgiving-time when my crazy work schedule makes it best for me to travel.  So we decided to meet in Japan and have knocked out quite an excellent itinerary for ourselves:  3 days in Tokyo with day trips to Nikko (north of Tokyo notable for the onsen, or hot springs), and Mt. Fuji, “The Shy Mountain” (so hopefully we will see it!).  From there we travel to Kyoto for 3 days via bullet train, then on to Hiroshima for the last 3 days of our time together, also by train.  It’s a quick trip with an itinerary that should provide just enough sightseeing and just enough relaxation.  And with both of us being bloggers and computer geeks (and I use the term fondly), we’ll have plenty of down time to express ourselves in front of our respective computers.  Me with my Mac and all of my Apple-ness, and Susan a member of the PC club.  So 10 days away in Japan with Susan: a mere jaunt.  But then anything is quick and short considering we were at sea for 25 days together!