Packing for a 9-day trip in one backpack is no easy task.  At least not for me.  I’ve upsized to a 70 liter bag from my original 65 liter (and paid an extra $100 for this additional space) and still I’m overloaded.  I keep taking things out and taking things out and yet still, I have quite a load.  Last night I lugged the thing around on my back for an hour or so and it was actually not uncomfortable in the least.  But the pack is jammed.  To. The. Brim.  I will be deciding on 3 outfits that can be worn every third day and am limiting myself to two pair of shoes and flip flops.  That’s it.  I refuse to take a wheeled suitcase through the streets of Japan.  Absolutely R-E-F-U-S-E.  Stay tuned.