Today, on the morn of my departure, I am still packing.  Or, more accurately, still removing items from my backpack.  I like my things.  And I don’t want to live without them.  But truly, the space is mostly taken up with cosmetics/toiletries, electronics and that damned Lonely Planet Japan guide that weighs roughly the same as a gold bar.

This morning is full of lasts: last time in my bed for 9 days, last time to make a strong pot of coffee in the morning, last time to shower in my shower, eating that last caramel apple, last time using this computer…  But those ‘lasts’ mean that I’m about to experience a lot of firsts and beginnings!

Getting on a plane to a new destination (when it’s for pleasure) is always thrilling!  I love the unknown, the feeling of beginning a trip.  I like having all of my belongings with me, in one bag (or so).  I like sharpening my brain to prepare for the unknown: a new currency, a new way of transportation, a city with which I’m not familiar, the anticipation of who I am going to meet, and in this case, the anticipation and excitement of seeing my friend Susan Atherton!  <my stomach jumps when I think of it!>

Most of my work is complete so I’m ready to depart with a lighter mind and soul.  My cameras are charged and waiting with empty disks, my iPad and phone are charged, and I’m ready to go!

…The plane is already late, according to the iPad/iPhone app, Trip Case.  But that’s okay because now I have more time to remove stuff from this pack…