…in the small lobby of my hotel in Tokyo with crazy hair and in sweats, I am writing in this blog surrounded by the people I have seen for two days in a row.  There is an esprit de corps among travelers that I love and gravitate toward.   Being recognized by fellow travelers from around the world is fun, especially for me this morning when the roughly 18 month-old little Japanese girl I met yesterday recognized me and squealed excitedly when she saw me!  

There are two computers here for visitors to use freely.  A woman about my age sat down beside me and had troubles with the Japanese keyboard like I did yesterday.  She had questions  about the whole logging-in and language issue and was happy when my suggestions actually worked.  In spite of our difficulty in communicating we were able to work it out  She was appreciative, we smiled, said good bye and that was that.  Until a few minutes later when she reappeared and presented me with a little elephant key chain from her country, Thailand!  We spoke for a few minutes.  She invited me to stay with her and her husband in Bangkok and had me take a photo of the two of us with her camera.  We exchanged email addresses, hugged, and she left.  This is why I travel, I smiled to myself.