Traveling with just my iPhone and my iPad (but no MacBook) sounded like such a great idea: lightweight, compact, easy to use and connect to.  What could go wrong!?  Well, by using the remote keyboard along with the iPad and then carrying both in my backpack caused the keyboard to continually push numbers in to the iPad making it think someone was trying to hack my info.  So it closed down the whole kit and caboodle giving the message: iPad is deactivated, connect to iTunes.  iTunes!?  I only have iTunes on my MacBook so knew pretty much right away that I was sunk.  Blogging is the main reason I wanted the iPad as I am able to check email and VM on the iPhone.  But geez it put a crimp in my attitude and my blogging!  And it took me awhile to come to terms that there is nothing I can do about the whole mess.  But after a long day and then to find that out I was bummed.  Now I am using the computer provided by the hotel with all of its Japanese-ness.