Whilst at a bus stop the other day we were warmly greeted by a woman who knew me and couldn’t believe she was seeing me.  It took me a split second to recognize her as the woman I had helped on the computer in Tokyo!  We stood staring at one another and then she shouted my name and we both squealed with excitement – – including her husband who reached out for me as I was hugging her!  It was a loud and warm greeting as though we had known each other for years!!  They introduced themselves to Susan and we chatted about what we were doing and where we were headed next.  I had no idea they were going to be in Kyoto, nor did she know I was going to be so it was a huge random surprise!  “Now the third time we see each other in Bangkok!” she said!  Our bus was arriving and they were on their way to the next temple so we parted ways, hugging again and laughing at this random meeting.  She turned around to yell goodbye and to wave some more and they were off as quickly as they had come.  It was so much fun to see them!  And I hope to see them in Thailand!