During the course of trip-planning I start dreaming of the place I’ll visit. Actually not so much the place but more about how I’m going to get there. Always it involves me either being late to the airport or forgetting my passport. Or both. Always. Last night, for example, I lollygagged to the gate and showed my ticket only to be astonished! that I could not get on the flight without a passport! So I called my dad but got his voicemail. In the process of calling someone else I told the attendant that I only had 45 minutes to get the thing and board the plane and that it just seemed impossible. She tried to reassure me by telling me that they now have a helicopter service for just this kind of thing! I could get the helicopter to fly to my house, run in and get the passport and then have it back to me lickety-split! Dubious, I frantically reminded her that I only had 45 minutes left!! And then I woke up. I have now added “passport” under “flip-flops” on that packing list.