As of today I have clearance to enter the United States from anywhere in the world by displaying my card and by placing my fingertips on the glass panel at one of the many kiosks located in lobbies of several major US airports, like ATMs. An interview with the US Department of Homeland Security at Chicago O’Hare this morning confirms it. So from now on I will be fast-tracked through security without the requirement of emptying my entire carry-on luggage and disrobing at security. The official called Lepinski who interviewed me tells me if I “stay out of trouble”, this benefit will be good for the next 5 years. The way he said it made me feel like I’m someone who doesn’t only need to avoid trouble but I need to stay out of it, too; like this is something he has told me again and again because I never seem to listen. And his tone sounded like he questions whether I’ll really be able to maintain this privilege for the next 5 years. I’m going to try really hard to stay out of trouble. And this time I mean it.