Love this guy! He’s edgy and so is this installment of ‘Parts Unknown.’ Makes me look forward to next time I visit Morocco and I visit Tangier.

Tangier, Morocco



Famous TV chef, Anthony Bourdain, recently visited Tangier, Morocco for the show Parts Unknown in search of good food and an experience of its storied culture.  He shares some local dinner table manners:

“Like anywhere else in the Arab world,” explained Bourdain, “eating with your hands — always the right one — is proper dining etiquette.”

In the article from CNN, Bourdain talked to some locals about the young artists, writers and musicians who come to Tangier today expecting a 1950s wonderland – and the fight to keep Tangier’s unique character alive.  This international city that drew famous wanderers became a melting pot for culture and entertainment.  But today, it’s slowly developing into a modern metropolis while retaining its old world style and flair.

“Tangier is Morocco,” Bourdain exclaimed. “Always was Morocco. And recently the country’s leadership seems to have embraced it in all its ill-reputed glory…

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