I love this blog post from one of those I follow. It’s worth reading!

Post Grad Mel

I once read or heard somewhere that Americans don’t know how to relax. Like we’re so busy all the time that we don’t know how to simply ‘be’ without something to engage our hands and minds. With our iPods and 3G, we’ve altogether rejected ‘the art of doing nothing.’

Not surprisingly, Moroccans are masters of this.

Countless times have I seen Moroccans squat idly along the side of a road, perhaps waiting for a taxi or perhaps waiting for nothing at all. I often wonder how Moroccans can sit so idly, whether at home, on a bus, or in some other public place.

By virtue then, I frequently find myself engaged in ‘activities’ when free time presents itself to me. So recently when my sister asked what I did in my free time, I thought to make a list of just how exactly I’ve spent my free time constructively in…

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