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So I called the Embassy in Rabat, Morocco this morning and was quickly put through to Ambassador Kaplan’s office. If you read my previous post you know that I recently found out that the US Ambassador to Morocco is a neighbor! So not only does everything remind me of Morocco, I now learn I live near the Ambassador! Naturally, I had to make contact with him. I talked to a really nice operator who quickly put me through to the Ambassador’s office. And there a really nice person talked to me and provided email contact information for the Ambassador. When I told her I live in Minneapolis and very near the Ambassador, she said, “How cool!” It was a fun conversation and even if nothing further happens, I’ve had fun. It reminds me of when I contacted Katharine Hepburn in Connecticut when I lived there in the late-1990’s. I wanted to meet her so sent a letter to her home in Essex. Her niece and personal assistant replied with a nice note declining my request but it was handwritten and so kindly put that I felt honored to just have received that much!

So I emailed Ambassador Kaplan and provided a bit of information about myself and tried not to use too many exclamation points.