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I’m back in Morocco! A quick trip it will be, but this time I’ve brought friends with me, Jack and Deb Walsingham. And we are in our glory! The weather is spectacular albeit hot. But it’s a dry heat, we remind ourselves.

We arrived in Casablanca. Casablanca. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s a big city, about 3-5 million people I think, and it’s just that: a big city. But still, we were excited to be there and excited to see and hear the Arabic language written and spoken. First thing, at the airport, I swallowed a fly! I don’t know why I swallowed a fly… It was flying around me, I swatted it and the backdraft of the swap drew it right into my mouth and down it went. I had to keep swallowing because even though it went down I could still feel it. So that was my welcome to Morocco! Bleck.

Mokhtar met us and we were off to Marrakech! More later…